The Battersby Duo was awarded a GRAMMY NOMINATION in 2011

The Battersby Duo won a GRAMMY as contributing Artists in 2012

The Battersby Duo performed for The President and First Lady 6 times at The White House

The Battersby Duo has appeared on Sesame Street

The Battersby Duo has performed at The Kennedy Center in DC

The Battersby Duo has appeared on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

The Battersby Duo has performed at WolfTrap Park's Filene Center

The Battersby Duo has appeared on The Today Show on NBC

The Battersby Duo has performed at The Spoleto Festival in Charleston SC

The Battersby Duo has won an EMMY as hosts of Kid's Place

The Battersby Duo has performed at WolfTrap's Theatre in the Woods

The Battersby Duo has performed at Performing Arts Centers and Festivals in 48 States

Notable Quotables

"Monty Python meets Mary Poppins. The Battersby's are a Top Notch Duo." Sesame Street

"Though disguised as goofy frivolous fun, The Battersby Duo's antics and songs simmer with serious themes. The Battersby Duo's songs offer honest non-threatening glimpses into a Child's world of understanding and imagination. Their beautiful voices and pleasing music shine." School Library Journal

" The Battersby Duo are always a huge hit with the kids and their parents.” Hillary Clinton.

“A banquet of silliness designed to please the most refined of juvenile palates." The American Library Association

"The Battersby Duo provides a wonderful mix of Melody, Energy, Sweetness, and Humor." Kimbo Educational

“We will remember with pleasure that The Battersby's are a part of our neighborhood." Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

“A thousand happy Kids had the best time of their lives." Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

"Goofy wacky and whimsical are all adjectives to describe the musical antics of The Battersby Duo. Their beautiful voices shine. School Library Journal

Battersby Duo songs effervesce with off-the-wall humor, unexpected lyrics, and a dash of British quirkiness. Parents Choice Magazine

"The Battersby Duo is a National Treasure." Senator Bob Graham Florida's 39th Governor

Kids go bananas for The Battersby Duo." The Tampa Tribune "The Battersby’s are naturals for our audiences.” Wolf Trap Farm Park Performing Arts Center

"Taking zaniness to new levels." St Petersburg Times

“Rarely do our marble walls and chandeliers witness such levels of silliness, as The Battersby’s inspire in their audiences” The Kennedy Center