The BatDuo announces 2 Grammy submissions this season.

The first one, an album called Renegade Times has been submitted in the Folk category. We produced it as an adult album under the name The Cross Creek Band with our friend Terry a la Berry on drums

Our second submission entitled The Ballerina is a short story that is also available on Audible Bandcamp, Soundcloud Spotify, iTunes,and Amazon Music

Renegade Times is the new album by Cross Creek. This album strikes at the heart of these tumultuous times. Grammy nominees Tim and Laura Battersby, along with longtime friend Terry a la Berry have been privileged to travel extensively and show their passion for the planet in "Solitary Eagle" and "Evolution." Their collaboration on "Curiosity" celebrate human achievement as Lost Horizons steers us ever closer to a happy day. "The 8 song album Renegade Times is a direct reflection of the decades that these three experienced musicians have spent driving the back roads. It shows in the wisdom of their songs.

"Renegade Times is a wonderfully melodic album reminiscent of the great bands of the 60s and 70s like CSNY, Joni Mitchell, and JT. " New Musical Express

The Ballerina is a 5 chapter 53 minute story about AnnaMarie Shaughnessy who lost her mom when she was just 2 years old, and because it was 1925 was not allowed to live with her biological Dad and was sent to live with her grandmom who passed away just 5 years later.AnnaMarie is then sent to live with her aunt in London who enrolls her in a ballet school. She shows such promise that The Royal Ballet invites her to join their touring company in 1938. In 1939 World War 2 starts and AnnaMarie is asked to join British intelligence and train as a spy whose job it is to go behind enemy lines and work with the freedom fighters. She spends the next 5 years helping Jewish families escape certain death by walking them across the Alps to Switzerland and safety.

Meet the Band

Terry a la Berry

Terry a la Berry has been the drummer for Arlo Guthrie for 45 years and has also performed for children for 30 years. He first met The BatDuo when they were all performing at The White House 30 years ago. Terry has appeared on many of Guthrie’s recordings including the Grammy-nominated “Grow Big” and has recorded with numerous other artists including Grammy winner, Pete Seeger. Other performers he's appeared with over the years include Carly Simon, Bonnie Raitt, John Prine, John Denver, David Bromberg, Willie Nelson, Roger McGuinn, John Sebastian The Detroit Philharmonic Orchestra, and recently, Levon Helm and John Mellencamp. With Arlo, he has performed in all 50 states and Europe, and Australia. He performed last year at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and at Carnegie Hall for the 4th time

The Battersby Duo

Tim and Laura, are known as The Battersby Duo. Laura is a sociologist while Tim has a degree in English literature. They first met in the early 1980s auditioning for the Wayside Theatre where they joined a troupe that put on shows for schoolchildren in Virginia. 3 years later they decided to strike out on their own and within a few years, they were playing in Elementary schools all over the USA. As time passed Tim and Laura began to write more and more songs for young children, embracing the very tenets of childhood development. Love, nature, counting, food, animals, and reading became the main themes of many BatDuo songs. Coupled with Tim's quick wit and Lauras' more sensible approach to life, Sesame Street described them as "Monty Python meets Mary Poppins," a moniker that has stuck with them for their whole career.

In 2010 they produced a children's album called Sunny Days that was submitted to Grammy. Three months later Tim and Laura became proud recipients of a Grammy nomination.