Grammy Nominees

The Battersby Duo 

 Children’s GRAMMY Nominee Concert at The Mint in LA 

ANA THEORITIS (Professor of Early Childhood Development)

It was with some trepidation that I attended the Children’s Grammy Nominee Concert at the Mint nightclub with my daughter last Saturday, (the day before the actual Grammy Award Ceremony), simply because the venue for this annual and incredibly prestigious concert was being hosted at a somewhat spooky and unfriendly adult night club. When we arrived and walked in the front entrance, the nightclub was dark and dingy and smelled of booze and sweat; not exactly a conducive environment to bring small children to. However, we all found seats on the floor in front of the stage and waited.

My fears were immediately quelled as the Emcee of the concert, Heidi Swedberg; (Susan on Seinfeld) appeared on stage to introduce the first of the Grammy Nominees. Heidi was delightful, warm, and friendly, immediately putting the parents and children at ease. You could almost hear a collective sigh of relief from the parents. She cracked a couple of jokes before telling us that the first act, The Battersby Duo not only were Grammy Nominees, and Emmy winners but had performed at The White House for The President and First Lady six times and had also appeared on Sesame Street. Parents began to realize that even though the venue was less than perfect, they and their children were in for a huge treat.


The Battersby Duo, a British American musical comedy team for Children, and 30-year veterans of children’s music, immediately won us and wowed us with an interactive and brilliant 10-minute opening set, finishing with their breakaway hit song, (from their Grammy-nominated CD Sunny Days,) a fantastic sing-along version of “I Love Bubbles,” that had parents in the room (who didn’t even know they could sing) and children, literally rocking the house, and raising the roof. 

This was a wonderful beginning to this Grammy Children’s Concert.