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Our submission for Grammy, Renegade Times is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud iTunes, and Deezer

Tim and Laura, are known as The Battersby Duo. Laura is a sociologist, while Tim has a degree in English literature. They first met in the early 1980s auditioning for the Wayside Theatre where they joined a troupe that put on shows for schoolchildren in Virginia. 3 years later they decided to strike out on their own and within a few years, they were playing in Elementary schools all over the USA. As time passed Tim and Laura began to write more and more songs for young children, embracing the very tenets of childhood development. Love, nature, counting, food, animals, and reading becoming the main themes of many BatDuo songs. Coupled with Tim's quick wit and Laura's more sensible approach to life, Sesame Street soon described them as "Monty Python meets Mary Poppins," a moniker that has stuck to them for their whole career.

In 2010 they produced a children's album called Sunny Days that was submitted to Grammy®. Three months later Tim and Laura became Grammy® nominees.

Welcome to the BatDuo website, the home of Mr. Tim and Ms. Laura, Grammy® nominees, novelists, and children's music artists. This is the site that offers you an introduction to their music and books and also gives you the opportunity to purchase physical copies of their award-winning CDs (available on CD or thumb drive). Visit our page on this site at BatDuo Music for more details.