Our Precious Friend

The story of our 80 lb chocolate labrador 

who made friends with the world

and was loved universally

Hello, my name is John Lennon, and I’m an 80-pound chocolate brown Labrador. I look after a nice if not somewhat stupid, couple of humans called Robin and Trevor. I have them well trained, and so now, they leave me alone all day to sleep as much as I like. In the morning, I watch my shows, and then around noon, I go for a run down to the lake to chat with my duck friends. Occasionally, a human throws bread at the ducks, which I intercept in order to save them from getting brain damage. My duck friends are always pleased to see me. We play this game called scatter. The rules are simple. Ducks swim, and I jump in the pond. Ducks scatter. Game over. We play it every day, and they love it. Do you speak duck? It’s a mix between Cantonese and grilled salmon.  Read or listen to this charming story of our lovable Precious Friend whose name was John Lennon.